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Brother Triple K – A poem

When I look at you I don’t see white
When I look at me I don’t see black
Not because I’m colour blind…Well sort of
I see another human being that I share my fears
Frustrations, anger and excitement with
I see you

Whereas you want to bash in my head
With the nearest biggest rock you can find
Or watch me hang
Whereas you want to see the inside of my head
The whites of my brain, red of my blood,
Veins intertwined with skull bone and scalp hair
Or watch me wriggling then turn limp with eyes
Bulging, and my tongue sticking out as my last “Fuck You”

I just want to hug you
My brother
My Triple K brother.

-Stephen Nelson.

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Poem – W.B Yeats

The Sorrow of Love

The brawling of a sparrow in the eaves,
The brilliant moon and all the milky sky,
And all that famous harmony of leaves,
Had blotted out man’s image and his cry.

A girl arose that had red mournful lips
And seemed the greatness of the world in tears,
Doomed like Odysseus and the labouring ships
And proud as Priam murdered with his peers;

Arose, and on the instant clamorous eaves,
A climbing moon upon an empty sky,
And all that lamentation of the leaves,
Could but compose man’s image and his cry.

W.B Yeats

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Brotha To The Night

One of my all time favourite poems

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Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?
I am so bad I’m good
what you try so hard to start
I finish with stupid ease
but noo charley no diss here

just stating the obvious, miss
can’t compete with this here
you can have him
through with him
bottom feeder,boot licker,shoe cleaner
I knocked his socks off
you were just his jump off
noo charley no diss

just stating the clear and conspicuous
Love me with your heart wide open
suffocate me with your mush-mush
i’ll do the same
but keep this between us, hush-hush
dont make this gather rust
strike when the iron is hot
or you’ll go bust, better trust
noo charley no diss just ribbing

a mental puzzle
trying to solve me is next to impossible
an open book I am though
left open to the non-shallow
V.I.Ps ‘R’ us, better trust
I am the special kind,
classic straight arrow bent at right angles
the kind that worships the creator of the heavens and deep blue seas
the kind that bows to noone I can see
the type you only see when it’s too late
the kind that hunts your soul to oblivion
the kind that cooks without salt and onions
the kind who drinks tequilla shots with lemons

charley, just kidding.

but seriously,
if you know not who I b still
then start over from the top
or with one blow I’ll make you drop.

-Written for my cousin Ida-

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yeah go on, go on
do it again
ooh yeah i like that
oh shit i felt that one right there
yeah give me that bone-hardening wink again
haha yeah, yeah just like that
don’t stop…

…your boyfriend looks really buff
oh shit he is walking this way
sprinting actually

now why is my shirt clenched in his fist
why are my nostrils wet with blood
my canines lose in their socket
why does his twin taunt me

the floor is warm with my blood
cheeks deeply dented into the pool…

it all comes back to me
you, you who just stood there still as a statue
watching me get pummeled
i could have sworn i saw a grin
of all the things you could have been Gin
setup or bad timing
i want it all over again
black eye and all
just one more time
so you can tease me senseless


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There comes a point in time
when words can’t express what you feel inside
your thoughts lack expression

you feel like speaking to no one
nonchalance draws a pattern on your face
with distance silhouetted in your eyes

attempted conversation turns folly
forced smiles make you want to cry
a touch is horror to your senses

that feeling where receding deeper is sweet
where your dashed hopes and aspirations weave a flowery citadel
where your secrets are safe with you

you dream awake
you die alive
your sadness expressionless

you look into space
wishing tearstains on your face
wanting an escape

still you remain paralyzed within
trapped inside the turbulence of thoughts and feelings
searching for truths and meanings.

–Written by guest poet and friend, Elikem Dzisam

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Priceless Girl

Diamond Girl

Out of the blue and into the red
With a surprise you took up residence
Location : soul
Didn’t see it coming
Loved it when it arrived
We kissed the first time
Became one the next
It was mind-blowing,earth-shattering,balls-bursting,ice-cold,
It was jump-on-top-of-moving-car-screaming-like-a-lunatic, good
I lost consciousness unconsciously
Woke up a new man
A taken man

All I see is us in the flesh
Our bodies vibrating
Shivers running down my spine
I see you seeing me
Steadly keeping time with you
Hmm ahh you go
This is it you know
You and me like this
Bodies merged into an infinite continuum
Twisting with perfect harmony
A perfect fit

Ooh this is it for me
My golden girl, my diamond girl
My priceless girl

I dream more than I think
Seeing little copies of us running around in my head
Screaming at night for attention
Some with your eyes
Others with my huge head
Smile to self
Oh what a life
Oh what a life that would be
My golden girl, my diamond girl ,my platinum girl
My priceless girl
That’s what you are.

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I need power
I need it to warm my leftovers
I need it to iron my wet books or my bp climbs
I need it , I need my power

I need it to give my dead mobile, life
I need it to listen to some good highlife
I need it to stay abreast with global political strife
I need it to broaden my deficient knowledge on wildlife

But big boss you starve me of it
You take it away fully aware of my addiction
But right after detox, you inject it back into my system
Then I become hopelessly hooked again

Who do I blame?
The lake?
Too much evapouration?
Children accidentally tripping on cables in your control room?
Drunk engineers?
The drunk engineers’ ”apeteshie” supplier?
Corruption and bribbery?
Encumbent party sympathisers targetting opposition-heavy areas?
Eh,who or what at all do I blame?

OH ECG, I need my power
So put me out of my misery
Or to the mountains of Tibet will I relocate.

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On to a better place…

My heart is hurting
My soul weakened
My eyes burn,

For true fans of world music
You made us listen to the best.

I feel a tear drop
I cant believe you are gone.

You casually introduced me to Fado
She seduced me thoroughly.

It is through you that I came to love Manu Dibango,K’Naan, Symphiwe Dana and Mariza.

I am not one to compartmentalize my dearly departed Into levels in the afterlife.

I am sure though, you’ll be making the angels dance,
Wherever that better place is.

Dedicated to the great Charlie Gillet.

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Life is like …

Life is like…

Life is like watching ”Efiewura”
It can be entertaining or bore you to sleep

Life is like brushing your teeth with soldered iron filings
Bloody messy

Life is like an icecream cone
You have to pay to enjoy it.

Life is like drinking and driving
Very risky

Life is like riding a camel
It can be an enjoyable ride but will leave you smelling like


Life is like shooting down a Boeing 747
Aim high

Life is like making love
You lose focus when you look down

Life is like having lots of shallow friends
It is not around in death

Life is like being taught calculus by a bad math teacher
It will leave you confused or with a headache

Life is like dressing like Kofi Wayo
It has no fashion sense

Life is like a ticking time-bomb
Never on schedule but always on time

Life is like conning a con-artist
It might end up conning you

Life is like talking to a brick wall
It never talks back.

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