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Reviewing 2009

Personally this year hasn’t been terrible on all fronts; it’s been one of the worst I’ve experienced actually. From my near death experience at the start of it to losing my job at the tail end of it, the year will go down as one of the worst years I have lived through during my short stay on this globe.

Curiously enough though, it hasn’t been all rosy either for the rest of the world. From stars dropping like flies from the skies, to the usual suspects of death and destruction ; the hurricanes, and countless flood disasters (Very convincing evidence for global warming I think), growing list of incurable diseases, effects of extreme poverty,…etc.

Since the larger part of the year has been more gloomy than cheery, this post will focus mainly on the former. I am feeling depressed, shoot me :-P.


I didn’t believe it when I heard Micheal Jackson had passed away.Still don’t . Even more unbelievable was the whole mess surrounding his death. I think that doctor did it. Even if it was unintentional. May your crotch-grabbing soul rest in peace Mike and keep on doing what you did best when you were here.

Next up in line is Dom Deluise the star comedian and host of 90’s global TV hit series Candid Camera. From what I hear, he died the way every man should die; of old age. R.I.P.

Patrick Swayze, star of the movie ‘dirty dancing’ died after his long battle with cancer at the age of 57. The one thing that pleased me the most was to hear that he didn’t go lying down but fought with every inch of his body. R.I.P.

Amidst all this despair however came a bright spot for most of us of African decent; the election of Barack Obama as the first Black president of the United States of America. It would be a shame not to mention this , so there.

Homage to Brittany Murphy

Words cant describe the sorrow I felt after hearing of the death of this Hollywood gem two days ago. Early reports claimed she died from a heart failure. I am yet to crawl the internet to find the real story behind her death but when i do I will surely post the full details and any site links on this blog.

We will dearly miss the heart warming smiles and laughter you gave us; not forgetting those gorgeous lips that made them possible. I, in particular , will forever miss you Brit.

Hope Life is kinder to you on the other side.


Ps: Feels like Aaliyah dying all over again. The naughties have been shit!!!

Brittany Murphy interviewed by David Letterman

Murphy and Ash


CLASSIC Video Of The Day – ((rOcK tHe BoAt – Aaliyah))

This one is dedicated to a special friend of mine, you know who you are

Take A Sample

I still am completely torn down the middle about Jason Derulo’s ” Whatcha say” tracks. On the one hand the guy completely took apart one of my all time favourite track ” Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap, and killed it; the original was perfect the way it was; without an mc ( a wack one at that). But on the other hand it is one hell of a club tune.

The positive thing out of this musical-mess is the obvious jump in sales of Imogean Heap’s albums and particularly the single ” Hide and Seek”
( Eminem’s ”Stan” did wonders for Dido, business-wise for those of you that remember) and eventual trickling down to the lesser known artists in the same genre.

The other good thing to come out of this is that , this could be his first and last hit track ( where the hell is M.I.M.S?) so I wouldn’t have to think about him making another hit with say… Smoke City’s ” Underwater love”. Now that could drive me to the bottle. 🙂


Video Of The Day ((LaY lOw – Agbeko ft Sarkodie and Posh))

Cant speak a word of Ewe (Ghanaian dialect) but I love the sound of the chorus. Apparently there a beef between Agbeko and Ayigbe Edem. Those of you who can speak the language should holla and let us know what the hell he is talking about on this track.

Another track produced by Jay So

VIDEO OF THE DAY ((CoNtAcT – Foreign Beggars))

I definitely need to get an interview with this band. Awesome video, awesome track. Brilliant stuff.


Mensa on Hot Digital Radio

Quick becoming one of my favourite Ghanaian rappers. Checkout Mensa as he performs on air.

For some reason I cant seem to find his latest album on iTunes or anywhere for that matter.

Broken Language Vrs Broken Language

The first time I heard Wanlov and Mensa’s version of ‘Broken Language’, I was completely blown away. The skill with which both rappers/ hiplifers delivered their lines rivalled some of the best I’ve heard (some of NAS’ stuff from his acclaimed first album Illimatic for example). I am still blown away whiles still managing to maintain this dumb ass wide-eyed look of I-cant-believe-what-I-am-hearing but yet still manage to calm down and slip into that typical good hip hop enduced head knodding trance we all love.

AND THEN I HEARD Smoothe da Hustler ft Trigger tha Gambler’s version.
Now I am completely split and cant decide which of the two versions of the same track basically, is the better one. I like our version ( Kubolo and Mensa’s version) mainly because I can relate to most of the things they talk about ( especially the botoss watching ). Then again the original is equally as awesome without needing you to relate to the violence and drug abuse they talk about; just let the rhythm and rhyming take you away to that special place I talked about earlier.

In a very uncertain conclusion, I would say that I cant choose between the two so you decide.

I Like My New Home

Moving my blog to wordpress has been like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. But typically I failed to heed the advice of that old Chinese proverb by taking that first step every time I needed to. Laziness is a disease, people with its ugly twin, procrastination not far behind.

Anyway, I am very happy I have this out of the way so I can focus on the multitude of other things I’ve planned to do.

The blog will still maintain its pot-pourris nature focusing on many subject matters and topics. I will continue to blab about politics,entertainment,science, sports and humour ( list is by no means exhaustive :-).

Watch this space… Not too long though or else you will start seeing little green men in spacesuits 😉