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On Kissing Like You Mean It

I don’t know about you but I occasionally lick the roof of the mouth when I’m French kissing. This one time, I remember my ex-girl flinching because of how ticklish she felt when I did just that. 

The Mask of Zorro was on TV a couple of minutes ago and the scene where Antonio Banderas kissed Catherine Zeta Jones in the stable really caught my attention. The aggression with which he kissed her not only made clear his intentions but also his kissing technique. Technique doesn’t have to be smooth and effortless; and his wasn’t. 

The guy kissed her like he was digging for something in her mouth with his tongue. Like a small scale Obuasi miner with only a pickaxe to work with. And with every strike she yielded more and more. This might be what I’ve been missing to make me into that Don Juan or Casanova I’ve always wanted to be. 

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10 Signs that tell you, you need some deodorant

10 signs that tell you, you need a new deodorant

  • People smile around you when nothing is funny
  • You make grown men cry without doing anything
  • Everybody smells something funny except you
  • Kids pinch their noses and point at your armpit
  • Your grandma has asthma attacks anytime you’re around
  • You disperse crowds more often than you assemble them
  • Nobody ever gives you a high five
  • When your sweat keeps burning holes in the armpit area of your clothes
  • Your girlfriend never wants to hug you or cuddle
  • You keep receiving aftershaves and hygiene products on your birthday

If these signs dont give it away, nothing will 😉


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