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Brother Triple K – A poem

When I look at you I don’t see white
When I look at me I don’t see black
Not because I’m colour blind…Well sort of
I see another human being that I share my fears
Frustrations, anger and excitement with
I see you

Whereas you want to bash in my head
With the nearest biggest rock you can find
Or watch me hang
Whereas you want to see the inside of my head
The whites of my brain, red of my blood,
Veins intertwined with skull bone and scalp hair
Or watch me wriggling then turn limp with eyes
Bulging, and my tongue sticking out as my last “Fuck You”

I just want to hug you
My brother
My Triple K brother.

-Stephen Nelson.

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Been thinking ’bout…


These are a few of the things that keep my mind busy in my spare time or things that I noticed right when I had my trusty mini PAPERLINE EXECUTIVE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK at hand.

Been thinking ’bout…

  1.  Girls who walk around town with mean faces.
  2. Walking around town with a smile that would make one look weird and might even indicate a state of mental instability instead of bliss.
  3. Spectacled middle-income Ghanaians.
  4. For some reason I expect a red or green squiggly line to be correcting my grammar as I write on paper.
  5. Pretty boys who offset their pretty boy looks by growing a beard and hard-looking men who keep their faces clean-shaven so as not to frighten perhaps not because society demands it of them.
  6. Dirty-looking men walking around town in their work clothes.
  7. ‘S’s with and without tails.
  8. Sweet girls with sweeter curves.
  9. Peach-coloured skin women with fat titties.
  10. Girls that turn me on without permission.


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