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I saw parts of this documentary when the film maker Thomas Balmes was interviewed on the culture segment I think, on France24. I always knew from the first time that I saw a short clip of it that it would be a hit with audiences worldwide. I mean who doesn’t love babies?Everyone does but if you don’t, there is a special place in hell for the likes of you so be prepared.

The documentary which I will be watching soon enough, follows the lives of four different babies born at practically the same time but living in four different places around the world. They are each born in a town in Namibia, USA, Tokyo and Mongolia.

I will give a more detailed review of this documentary when I have personally seen it once for the enjoyment and twice to dissect it with clinical precision for review purposes. In the mean time though, enjoy this trailer.


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Video “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part1”

Like the other movies in this franchise, I will put off seeing this one until I have read the book. I like to compare and contrast the changes that occur during a book adaptation pertaining to the plot, characters and locations as written and also imagined by me. In some screen adaptations of novels and short stories, the story gets so chopped up and rearranged that the movie title becomes the only faithful adaptational element in it but with the Harry Potter movies, the general consensus is that they have been fairly accurate in interpreting the books so far.


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Music- Wanlov Kubolor_”Ververita” aka Opro song


Wanlov (The African gypsy)

Photo source: sampsonweezy.blogspot.com

This is a new track from Kubolor’s latest “Brown Card” album. If this track is a hint of the overall theme of the album, then I think it would be a very good album.

Wanlov Kubolor- Ververisa opro song by musikear

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