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Harlem Shake – Baauer

I’ve just recently caught on to 2013’s first global craze and I’m loving everyone of the videos I’ve seen so far. The song that sparked the flood of fan music videos and the resulting global viral phenomenon is Baauer’s Harlem Shake song, which has also blazed it’s way to the top of billboard’s top 100. I heard it sometime ago, loved it and slowly forgot about it.

Like most of the songs I hear for the first time, this one in particular has got a lot of rotation, listening to 1xtra, BBC’s urban radio. I don’t remember which dj it was that played the track so often in the background but with most background music I didn’t expect it to make waves because of the lack of a vocalist or a rapper on the track. Another tune that comes to mind with similar aesthetics is Emalkay’s Crusader and that didn’t conquer the world so…

The bottom videos are compilations of other Harlem shake videos. And by the look of things Harlem shake is going to pick up from where Psy’s gangnam style left off. ENJOY!

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Another African War Movie – War Witch


In competition for this year’s Oscars in the best foreign language film category is the movie War Witch.

The 12 year old lead of the movie, Rachel Mwanza, has already won two notable awards; a Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 62nd Berlinale and Best Actress at the 2012 Tribeca film festival. Financed by Canadian Studios Shen and Item 7 and shot entirely on location in DR Congo, the movie follows the girl through her struggles as a child soldier after being abducted by rebel soldiers.

From all the buzz generated by the movie I suspect writer/director Kim Nguyen has managed to tell a captivating story. One review even called it a genre defining movie. I didn’t know there was a whole genre devoted to War movies set in Africa.

Having said all of the above I must confess that I have beef with this movie; even though I haven’t watched it yet.

First of all no matter how brilliantly told this story is, I’m jaded by all those bad African War Movies I’ve seen in the past 10 years. That’s even when the Africans in the movie get center stage and not the usual baddy lurking in the background roles we get. Tears Of The Sun comes to mind.

I have lived my whole life in a peaceful country so I don’t relate so such stories especially when most have portray the entirety of Africa as a war-ravaged, AIDS infected, and famine-stricken continent.

Another problem I have with the movie is in the choice of not naming the country within which this story unfolds, even though we know it was shot in the DR Congo. I feel in making such a decision the writer is implying that such atrocities could happen in any country on the continent. Which would be a gross lie. Some countries for example are mostly deserts and so don’t even provide the cover of the jungle, Niger (no I didn’t misspell nigger) comes to mind, so jungle warfare would not be possible in this country.

Believe it or not us Africans are very complex but simple at the same time too. We laugh when we’re tickled, cry when we’re sad but also have lunatics, smile when we don’t mean you well and bleed red blood just like the rest of the world.

So why then are we not seeing more diverse stories being told by us and the people who make movies about us. I see that happening in Asia with Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul for example. This was not a kick boxing movie even though it was shot in Thailand.

So I ask myself again, where are our Silver Linings Playbook for example?; another movie up for an Oscar. Or our Blue Valentines Derek Cianfrance’s 2012 breakout movie?

I really hope I feel less bitter about this movie in particular since I feel it’s a bit unfair to pass any more harsh judgement on it without watching it first. So watch this space for my review.

The 2013 Oscar awards are scheduled for this coming Sunday February 24, 7pm EST

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AKA _ All I know

My new favourite South African hip hop joint!


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Director of KONY2012 (Jason Russell) Arrested

The full details of this case have yet to be released by the police after his arrest but my suspicion is that this meltdown will be linked to all the negative backlash his kony2012 documentary has received.

Some people don’t take rejection well. At all.

Hang in there Jason.

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KONY 2012

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony


For the past couple of days, one name that has come up wherever you look it seems whether you intended to or not is Joseph Kony.

Who? Yes that was the same reaction I got when I first heard the name . But upon further reading I got to know that I knew him by face and his dastardly deeds not by name. Saw him in a news report by CNN two years ago I think, when it was reported he had crossed the Ugandan border into another country thereby evading the Ugandan military.

Well thanks to these two filmmakers I wont be forgetting this name anytime soon. These two gentlemen from Invisible Children have produced the most viral video of 2012 so far by making a documentary about the LRA’s (Lord’s Revolution Army) leader Joseph Kony with their main purpose being to highlight his atrocities against his own people.

The documentary aptly name “Kony 2012” has drawn an astounding 62 million + views withing the space of 3 days on youtube as I write this. Not even Lady Gaga has managed this feat. But that could be because of the kind of help they got in promoting their documentary. There are even rumours of the filmmakers involvement with Anonymous (The international network of hackers) to help them blast their message to millions around the world.

Celebrities like Oprah and P. Diddy have been flooding their timelines on Twitter promoting the video their followers after they themselves were bombarded in the documentary’s campaign drive.

But then something happened. Just as the video was racking up millions of views on youtube, the critics started their own campaign to discredit the documentary. One of the many points made against the video was certain factual inaccuracies like it getting Uganda’s location on Africa’s wrong. Another is that the documentary makers have failed to highlight the Ugandan army’s own crimes against their own people with documented cases of rape and terrorist behaviour from some within the ranks of the army.

For all you know the guy could be dead. But remember they said the same thing about Osama bin Laden and we all know how that ended.

I am yet to watch the documentary in full having seen bits of it on CNN and Al jazeera but I have beef with people obsessed with finding faults with the documentary completely disregarding the motive of the documentary all together.

“Kony 2012” aims to make Joseph Kony famous so the world’s divided attention can be focused if even briefly, on this man. It has managed to do that. Now, we all wait for what happens next.




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Drake – Marvins Room

Another video I have on repeat.


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Lil Wayne – John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross


If you are one of those prudes scarred of hearing anything remotely offensive to any of your zillion sensitive spots pockmarking your sensibilities, stay away.

If you object to hip hop’s stereotypical objectification of women, and their resulting vulgar name calling, do not press play.


if like me you don’t take any of these rappers, who have degrees in foul language word play seriously, then, by all means go on ahead, press PLAY. Like I always do on this here blog, enjoy watching it, huh, I said enjoy watching it huh… don’t get it? Why are you still reading this, go on, press PLAY already.


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