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Jay-Z & Kanye West ft Frank Ocean_No church in the wild

I have to say a big thank to MissNass of Yfm for playing this track two days ago. I know it must be hard being who she is and being forced to play some pop shit to maintain the status quo and keep the money flowing into the building. But every once in a while she drops something that we, on the other side of the field, left field, love to death. And like the slow eradication of the white race by half breeds, we will conquer the world with our brand of GOOD MUSIC

Keep the fire burning


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Kanye West , Jay-Z _ Otis

Two things I learned watching this video.

1. White girls have more fun

2. Maybach isn’t calling either West or Jay to be their spokesmen anytime soon.


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Jay-Z & Kanye West- Niggas in Paris

These two are going to lead the next revolution in hip hop. Kanye West, i think will never run out of good songs because of how open he is to experimentation but still maintaining that hip hop link. Waiting to see what Jay comes out with next but now I feel that he isn’t going to sound as good and fresh without Kanye producing him.


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New video -Kanye West ” Runaway”

Super producer/singer/rapper and one of my favourite artists Kanye West,  has released a short film of his new album interestingly titled “Runaway”. This video pushes the boundaries of the traditional hip hop music video format with utter impunity. It combines art and some degree of ingenuity to deliver some of the most memorable pictures I’ve ever seen on screen.It is in parts brilliant and surreal, but also in others a bit showy. It is obvious he got some directing tips from Hype Williams, who also wrote the story. Kanye seems to be moving in the direction of the artsy hip hop music video. First it was the bite-sized “Power” video now this. The one video that comes to mind that might have sparked this trend is Jay-z’s “On to the next one”. But with this video he decided to extend what was to be the normal 3min video into a 30min artistic parade.Personally I don’t mind hearing the majority of an album condensed to score a  short film/ music video because I some times get frustrated when one awesome video just comes to an abrupt end after 3mins. Enjoy this from start to finish without any pauses, to experience the full WOW effect.


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