Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?
I am so bad I’m good
what you try so hard to start
I finish with stupid ease
but noo charley no diss here

just stating the obvious, miss
can’t compete with this here
you can have him
through with him
bottom feeder,boot licker,shoe cleaner
I knocked his socks off
you were just his jump off
noo charley no diss

just stating the clear and conspicuous
Love me with your heart wide open
suffocate me with your mush-mush
i’ll do the same
but keep this between us, hush-hush
dont make this gather rust
strike when the iron is hot
or you’ll go bust, better trust
noo charley no diss just ribbing

a mental puzzle
trying to solve me is next to impossible
an open book I am though
left open to the non-shallow
V.I.Ps ‘R’ us, better trust
I am the special kind,
classic straight arrow bent at right angles
the kind that worships the creator of the heavens and deep blue seas
the kind that bows to noone I can see
the type you only see when it’s too late
the kind that hunts your soul to oblivion
the kind that cooks without salt and onions
the kind who drinks tequilla shots with lemons

charley, just kidding.

but seriously,
if you know not who I b still
then start over from the top
or with one blow I’ll make you drop.

-Written for my cousin Ida-

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2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. slpmartin says:

    This was fun to read…really i’m not dissing you. 😉

  2. pol159 says:

    lol… i know you’re not. good to see you’re still reading, thanks for taking time out to read my rubbish 😛

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