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Count your blessings

Sometimes I feel that I should be grateful for the things I have and for those things I didn’t have, because I would have been miserable if I had them or worse, be dead. I should learn to thank God,yes the one with the big G, the universe and any other elements, unknown to me for a pretty damn good reason I’m sure, that are responsible for my being here. The only thing I could accuse ‘them’ of is being careless with my comfort, or lack there of, on this planet. I could have been born to the same parents, but richer. I could have lived in a stress-free, loving but not perfect family. That would make me more uncomfortable; perfection that is. I could have developed into someone who could fearlessly back up his radical thoughts with the needed action. Instead I’ve grown up to be a wuss of sorts. A pansy. A grown ass boy who can’t defend himself with speed in a heated argument but would rather settle it by his fists…

But then again, I think I should be grateful for having a marvelously inventive brain and a functioning body devoid of any terminal diseases, that I know of. May be, I might be six feet under with all these things I crave for, who knows.

Extract from my personal offline Diary/Journal

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Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?
I am so bad I’m good
what you try so hard to start
I finish with stupid ease
but noo charley no diss here

just stating the obvious, miss
can’t compete with this here
you can have him
through with him
bottom feeder,boot licker,shoe cleaner
I knocked his socks off
you were just his jump off
noo charley no diss

just stating the clear and conspicuous
Love me with your heart wide open
suffocate me with your mush-mush
i’ll do the same
but keep this between us, hush-hush
dont make this gather rust
strike when the iron is hot
or you’ll go bust, better trust
noo charley no diss just ribbing

a mental puzzle
trying to solve me is next to impossible
an open book I am though
left open to the non-shallow
V.I.Ps ‘R’ us, better trust
I am the special kind,
classic straight arrow bent at right angles
the kind that worships the creator of the heavens and deep blue seas
the kind that bows to noone I can see
the type you only see when it’s too late
the kind that hunts your soul to oblivion
the kind that cooks without salt and onions
the kind who drinks tequilla shots with lemons

charley, just kidding.

but seriously,
if you know not who I b still
then start over from the top
or with one blow I’ll make you drop.

-Written for my cousin Ida-

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Can’t keep me down

I find it hard to stay miserable even if I had a good reason to be miserable in the first place. My brain just cant handle prolonged periods of uninterrupted funk.

Whatever it is that gets me down goes away after a while. Wherever that place is I don’t know. I wish I did though, so I could invade it and destroy it, permanently.

I read somewhere that human beings are not designed to be happy for a long time. We are built to enjoy our happiness at short intense burst of emotional episodes. This might explain why some people just cant handle it all when they are overjoyed about something and just let their tears handle the rest of the excitement.

Yesterday ,for lack of a better word was, completely fucked up. I was partly doped up by hanging around my pothead buddies smoking some weed. I helped myself to half a pack of PAL MALL (menthol. I know I should quit :-p). I blew an opportunity to get laid, AGAIN (don’t want to talk about it. But then again does a girl want to fuck you just because she casually invites you into her room? Personally I think not).

I felt tired for no reason, apart from my regular morning exercise which is actually my early morning energy booster and not my Kryptonite , I did nothing other than sit around making small talk. May be I was thinking too hard. I have a formula for thinking. I start with the urgent stuff in my life that need immediate attention, then to dirty stuff, then to plans of  finding the girl of my dreams, then to the mundane, to the cryptic and downright weird, then to more dirty stuff, then back to the beginning. A vicious cycle.

After everything that happened in that one day, I just shut down to reboot my brains to function properly again. I was tetchy and very edgy. Unfortunately I am too passionate a man to keep things bottled up. Unfortunate, because the ones who are closest to me bare the brunt of my nastiness.

Anyway, today wasn’t completely different but much better. I woke up with a clearer and more purposeful outlook on life. I have more ”Vim” as we say over here. Nothing is as bad as you think it is, once you think of all the people who died withing the time you were sulking. Things will and do get better, eventually. I am living proof.

Ps: Sleep is my drug of choice to forget about all my problems; not alcohol or class A drugs 😉


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Life is like …

Life is like…

Life is like watching ”Efiewura”
It can be entertaining or bore you to sleep

Life is like brushing your teeth with soldered iron filings
Bloody messy

Life is like an icecream cone
You have to pay to enjoy it.

Life is like drinking and driving
Very risky

Life is like riding a camel
It can be an enjoyable ride but will leave you smelling like


Life is like shooting down a Boeing 747
Aim high

Life is like making love
You lose focus when you look down

Life is like having lots of shallow friends
It is not around in death

Life is like being taught calculus by a bad math teacher
It will leave you confused or with a headache

Life is like dressing like Kofi Wayo
It has no fashion sense

Life is like a ticking time-bomb
Never on schedule but always on time

Life is like conning a con-artist
It might end up conning you

Life is like talking to a brick wall
It never talks back.

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