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Somebody that i used to know – Gotye cover _5peeps and a guitar

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Imogen heap on ellipse

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Footballers who died on a pitch [video]

I found this video whiles searching for clips of footballers who died as a result of heart failure on the pitch. The first video in this compilation says it all. One moment you’re jumping for joy having scored a goal, the next you’re clutching your chest in agony. Then death follows. Fucking Life . Huff!

I’m not a supporter of Bolton but I’m a supporter of life. So I cant wait to see Fabrice Muamba back on his feet. Even if he doesn’t play again, it’d be more than enough.

Get well soon Fabrice.

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KONY 2012

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony


For the past couple of days, one name that has come up wherever you look it seems whether you intended to or not is Joseph Kony.

Who? Yes that was the same reaction I got when I first heard the name . But upon further reading I got to know that I knew him by face and his dastardly deeds not by name. Saw him in a news report by CNN two years ago I think, when it was reported he had crossed the Ugandan border into another country thereby evading the Ugandan military.

Well thanks to these two filmmakers I wont be forgetting this name anytime soon. These two gentlemen from Invisible Children have produced the most viral video of 2012 so far by making a documentary about the LRA’s (Lord’s Revolution Army) leader Joseph Kony with their main purpose being to highlight his atrocities against his own people.

The documentary aptly name “Kony 2012” has drawn an astounding 62 million + views withing the space of 3 days on youtube as I write this. Not even Lady Gaga has managed this feat. But that could be because of the kind of help they got in promoting their documentary. There are even rumours of the filmmakers involvement with Anonymous (The international network of hackers) to help them blast their message to millions around the world.

Celebrities like Oprah and P. Diddy have been flooding their timelines on Twitter promoting the video their followers after they themselves were bombarded in the documentary’s campaign drive.

But then something happened. Just as the video was racking up millions of views on youtube, the critics started their own campaign to discredit the documentary. One of the many points made against the video was certain factual inaccuracies like it getting Uganda’s location on Africa’s wrong. Another is that the documentary makers have failed to highlight the Ugandan army’s own crimes against their own people with documented cases of rape and terrorist behaviour from some within the ranks of the army.

For all you know the guy could be dead. But remember they said the same thing about Osama bin Laden and we all know how that ended.

I am yet to watch the documentary in full having seen bits of it on CNN and Al jazeera but I have beef with people obsessed with finding faults with the documentary completely disregarding the motive of the documentary all together.

“Kony 2012” aims to make Joseph Kony famous so the world’s divided attention can be focused if even briefly, on this man. It has managed to do that. Now, we all wait for what happens next.




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Lil Wayne – John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross


If you are one of those prudes scarred of hearing anything remotely offensive to any of your zillion sensitive spots pockmarking your sensibilities, stay away.

If you object to hip hop’s stereotypical objectification of women, and their resulting vulgar name calling, do not press play.


if like me you don’t take any of these rappers, who have degrees in foul language word play seriously, then, by all means go on ahead, press PLAY. Like I always do on this here blog, enjoy watching it, huh, I said enjoy watching it huh… don’t get it? Why are you still reading this, go on, press PLAY already.


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Do you Youtube or Vimeo?

I have been a Youtuber (yes there is such a word according to the online urban dictionary) for the past three or so years and have so far been pleased with the site and the opportunities it gives to up-and-coming film makers to showcase their talents/ lack there of :-).

The only time I got really pissed off was when my video “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer, had the audio muted because of copyright infringement (that law needs to be seriously upgraded, man). In my ever so humble opinion there should be a slight exception to using copyrighted materials on Youtube since most of the videos are for non-commercial purposes. I mean how can they censor a video that celebrates the art of kissing (in all its forms)?

I’ve known about Vimeo for a while now but it never really won me over from Youtube since I really didn’t see the point. Just like I wouldn’t see the point of drinking Pepsi since I’ve been a Cola head from birth. Besides, Youtube IS the mother of all video sharing sites. Some hard-core Youtubers actually claim that if you can’t find a video on Youtube it is either not relevant or unmade.

However these days I find myself drifting towards Vimeo with it’s cooler site design and superior support for HD videos (h.264 format)[great source of material for a video editor like myself]. In fact all videos on Vimeo are in this format making for a very crisp picture and sound quality experience when you’re watching videos.

However watching HD videos in Accra, GH comes at a price. Broadband over here can be very frustrating at the best of times. I use Vodafone‘s broadband internet service.In terms of their customer service (this does not only deal with rude receptionists) I and many other subscribers can testify to their hot and cold attitude to quality service delivery. You can pay for download/ upload speeds of 1mps/ 500kps respectively but at the end of the month receive download speeds of 80kps/50kps on average . No exaggerations, I assure you. Further proof of their dishonest corporate culture is in the false advertisement of their “Fastest Internet Cafe in Africa” internet cafe in Cantoments, their head office in Circle and at other locations.Absolute rubbish.

Vodafone's mascot snail

“Fastest” means I should experience speeds close to the advertised one or on average at least 5mps when network load is at peak and more when it is freer. All sorts of Advertisers Association of Ghana’ code where blatantly broken in the misleading of the public into thinking we were going to be served with 40mps on average when the real package was less pretty(but this a matter for another post).

My point is if you live in Ghana and find yourself having to choose between Youtube and Vimeo (that’s if you needed to make a choice at all) then make it based on your connection speeds. Youtube is friendlier to snail-like broadband speeds and has a larger collection and variety of videos than its rival, Vimeo.On the other hand if you are blessed to have super fast broadband speeds or higher then you should have no problems viewing Vimeo, exclusively.

MY FINAL CHOICE? Split down the middle between the two because of my unreliable internet connection. But I guess in the end I am more of Youtuber and will stay that way for some time too; I’m the loyal type.


One who spends so much time browsing Youtube videos that they have metaphorically taken root, in the manner of a potato or other root vegetable. A couch potato of the new millennium.
“Oh man, I haven’t showered in three days. I’ve just been sitting at my desk with a bag of Cheetos watching Youtube videos!”

“Dude, you’d better watch out you’re about to become a youtuber.”

Source: UrbanDictionary


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