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Harlem Shake – Baauer

I’ve just recently caught on to 2013’s first global craze and I’m loving everyone of the videos I’ve seen so far. The song that sparked the flood of fan music videos and the resulting global viral phenomenon is Baauer’s Harlem Shake song, which has also blazed it’s way to the top of billboard’s top 100. I heard it sometime ago, loved it and slowly forgot about it.

Like most of the songs I hear for the first time, this one in particular has got a lot of rotation, listening to 1xtra, BBC’s urban radio. I don’t remember which dj it was that played the track so often in the background but with most background music I didn’t expect it to make waves because of the lack of a vocalist or a rapper on the track. Another tune that comes to mind with similar aesthetics is Emalkay’s Crusader and that didn’t conquer the world so…

The bottom videos are compilations of other Harlem shake videos. And by the look of things Harlem shake is going to pick up from where Psy’s gangnam style left off. ENJOY!

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I just had to share this. Controversial songs always attract attention and this song isn’t any different. Enjoy.

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Lil Wayne – John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross


If you are one of those prudes scarred of hearing anything remotely offensive to any of your zillion sensitive spots pockmarking your sensibilities, stay away.

If you object to hip hop’s stereotypical objectification of women, and their resulting vulgar name calling, do not press play.


if like me you don’t take any of these rappers, who have degrees in foul language word play seriously, then, by all means go on ahead, press PLAY. Like I always do on this here blog, enjoy watching it, huh, I said enjoy watching it huh… don’t get it? Why are you still reading this, go on, press PLAY already.


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Method Man _Even If

Been looking for this track for as long as it has been around. I think the first time that I heard it was on “President Bushke”‘s show on VIBEFM one evening. And as the case with many radio djs, he failed to the name of the track he just played. I heard it again on JOYFM this weekend, looked up the lyrics (because the dj (Mensah) forgot to mention his playlist AGAIN!) and finally found it. This might not be to everyone’s taste but enjoy it just the same my people. Don’t forget your hip hop head nod. 😉


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Video -Nicki Minaj feat Eminem _ “Roman Revenge”

I don’t have a clue about what it is this strange rap song is talking about so if you do let me know. Eminem like always delivers with a couple of laugh out loud punchlines and as usual I really don’t get Nicki’s accent/voice and don’t understand a word of what she says but I guess the fact that she is super hot and unique makes up for those shortcomings.


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