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Music- Wanlov Kubolor_”Ververita” aka Opro song


Wanlov (The African gypsy)

Photo source: sampsonweezy.blogspot.com

This is a new track from Kubolor’s latest “Brown Card” album. If this track is a hint of the overall theme of the album, then I think it would be a very good album.

Wanlov Kubolor- Ververisa opro song by musikear

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Music – Dblack ft Dr. Cryme_ Get on da dancefloor

D-Black & Dr. Cryme

Photo source : http://www.ghanamusic.com

I posted the Youtube video of this track earlier you can see it again here if you missed it.

Here is the link to download the song 100% FREE.


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New Video D-Black – “Get on the dancefloor”

I amvery impressed at how far this boy has come from his days in POJOSS (Pope John’s Secondary School) where we were a couple of stubborn boys causing trouble in and out of school, well some of us anyway. From what I gather as well, his business sense is on point selling 1000s of cds most of which are outside our borders. He is too “dadabee” for this market that’s for sure so marketing¬† his music outside in countries like South Africa was definitely a wise move. Big up. Still mad at him for not granting me an interview though.


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