Monthly Archives: March 2013

Been Thinking ’bout …



1.  Remorseless guilty pleasures

2.  Thinking less and acting more on previous thoughts

3.  Pleasing oneself for the hell of it

4.  Fooling around 

5.  Sad clowns who make you laugh harder than happy clowns

6.  Dance music

7.  Involuntary spasms created by hearing the bass 

8.  The lucky number 8 … in snooker

9.  All good things coming to an end without warning

10. All bad things beginning without a warning

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Vodafone Ghana Harlem shake – Ghana’s Version

A little late to the party but every bit as funny. Nothing outrageous because of the corporate setting but my coworkers chickened out from shooting the same thing so big up to the staff of Vodafone Ghana.

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