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yeah go on, go on
do it again
ooh yeah i like that
oh shit i felt that one right there
yeah give me that bone-hardening wink again
haha yeah, yeah just like that
don’t stop…

…your boyfriend looks really buff
oh shit he is walking this way
sprinting actually

now why is my shirt clenched in his fist
why are my nostrils wet with blood
my canines lose in their socket
why does his twin taunt me

the floor is warm with my blood
cheeks deeply dented into the pool…

it all comes back to me
you, you who just stood there still as a statue
watching me get pummeled
i could have sworn i saw a grin
of all the things you could have been Gin
setup or bad timing
i want it all over again
black eye and all
just one more time
so you can tease me senseless


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World’s most dangerous comic

…well sort of. Try not to flinch too much or you’ll miss the good parts. DONT TRY AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.


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There comes a point in time
when words can’t express what you feel inside
your thoughts lack expression

you feel like speaking to no one
nonchalance draws a pattern on your face
with distance silhouetted in your eyes

attempted conversation turns folly
forced smiles make you want to cry
a touch is horror to your senses

that feeling where receding deeper is sweet
where your dashed hopes and aspirations weave a flowery citadel
where your secrets are safe with you

you dream awake
you die alive
your sadness expressionless

you look into space
wishing tearstains on your face
wanting an escape

still you remain paralyzed within
trapped inside the turbulence of thoughts and feelings
searching for truths and meanings.

–Written by guest poet and friend, Elikem Dzisam

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Messing around with Corel DRAW X3

I have taken a keener interest in graphic designing in the last couple of weeks. Partly due to design class assignments and a renewed interest in everything design related. I have always wanted to become more proficient in the use of the above software and so I have decided to put in more effort in the learning phase; the boring phase but most important.

The image below shows a couple of works-in-progress and my final work on the movie poster for my graphic design class.

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Priceless Girl

Diamond Girl

Out of the blue and into the red
With a surprise you took up residence
Location : soul
Didn’t see it coming
Loved it when it arrived
We kissed the first time
Became one the next
It was mind-blowing,earth-shattering,balls-bursting,ice-cold,
It was jump-on-top-of-moving-car-screaming-like-a-lunatic, good
I lost consciousness unconsciously
Woke up a new man
A taken man

All I see is us in the flesh
Our bodies vibrating
Shivers running down my spine
I see you seeing me
Steadly keeping time with you
Hmm ahh you go
This is it you know
You and me like this
Bodies merged into an infinite continuum
Twisting with perfect harmony
A perfect fit

Ooh this is it for me
My golden girl, my diamond girl
My priceless girl

I dream more than I think
Seeing little copies of us running around in my head
Screaming at night for attention
Some with your eyes
Others with my huge head
Smile to self
Oh what a life
Oh what a life that would be
My golden girl, my diamond girl ,my platinum girl
My priceless girl
That’s what you are.

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