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A short film shot and edited in 1 day. This is what happens when a young man is locked in doors with a dislocated toe and has nowhere to go.

Ok so after being in the house for close to one week with the only time I’ve been outside being my trip to the doctor’s, yesterday was when I totally lost my cool with just sitting around doing nothing wasting hours away just watching TV or browsing the internet or occasionally reading a book.

I am a film maker dammit and so what better way to make better use of my spare time, force sick leave time, than to make a short film.

The moment I got the idea it stuck with me and wouldn’t let me go. And so I got to thinking about how I could shoot a shortfilm with no actors, lights, costumes, a proper camera or at least a DSLR or no money.

I decided to go the experimental route or go with the experimental aesthetic to arrive at what I was seeing and hearing in my head. I wrote down a couple of ideas, threw most of them out and just started

shooting random cars driving by my house,
strangers walking on my streets and
kid who gets spanked by another kid who I think is his brother 2:11

I am pleased with myself. I need to do more of this; making films and or movies when I have the time and the budget and the legs to do it. What do you think of my film?


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Somebody that i used to know – Gotye cover _5peeps and a guitar

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Footballers who died on a pitch [video]

I found this video whiles searching for clips of footballers who died as a result of heart failure on the pitch. The first video in this compilation says it all. One moment you’re jumping for joy having scored a goal, the next you’re clutching your chest in agony. Then death follows. Fucking Life . Huff!

I’m not a supporter of Bolton but I’m a supporter of life. So I cant wait to see Fabrice Muamba back on his feet. Even if he doesn’t play again, it’d be more than enough.

Get well soon Fabrice.

D_ (follow me on twitter @song_1985)

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Director of KONY2012 (Jason Russell) Arrested

The full details of this case have yet to be released by the police after his arrest but my suspicion is that this meltdown will be linked to all the negative backlash his kony2012 documentary has received.

Some people don’t take rejection well. At all.

Hang in there Jason.

D_ (follow me on twitter @song_1985)

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Drake – Marvins Room

Another video I have on repeat.


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Lil Wayne – John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross


If you are one of those prudes scarred of hearing anything remotely offensive to any of your zillion sensitive spots pockmarking your sensibilities, stay away.

If you object to hip hop’s stereotypical objectification of women, and their resulting vulgar name calling, do not press play.


if like me you don’t take any of these rappers, who have degrees in foul language word play seriously, then, by all means go on ahead, press PLAY. Like I always do on this here blog, enjoy watching it, huh, I said enjoy watching it huh… don’t get it? Why are you still reading this, go on, press PLAY already.


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