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Justin Timberlake Claims Stake In Myspace

This is a follow up on the Myspace story I blogged about yesterday. The development or at least the gossip flying around claims that JT has taken up a role to assist Specific Media (new owners of Myspace) with developing new strategies for the site.


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Myspace has been sold for $35mil

After News Corp declared they were going to put Myspace up for sale in February, a deal has finally been struck with an Ad agency, Specific Media.

However at a measley $35 million Newscorp stands to take a massive loss after it bought Myspace from its previous owners for $580 million.

I suspect Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook has a plan to counter the next Facebook ;something MS failed to do and is paying dearly for it.


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‚David de Gea signs for Manchester United

This very astute move on the part of Fergusson couldn’t have come at a better time.

The end of last season marked the conclusion of Edwin Van der Sar’s career as the number 1 keeper for the team so the timing is perfect.

My hope though is that he would fill the big shoes left behind with cool confidence and not end up transforming into another Fabian Barthez. What the club needs now is steady brilliance between the posts and not flashes of genius.


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Barcelona bids £35mil for Fabregas

The impending transfer of Fabregas from Arsenal to Barcelona started a while ago, probably when the boy started to display some promise in the 05/06 Champions’ League season.

Barça have regretted selling him and have made a number of attempts to buy him, with this latest off season’s bid of £35 million(source Guardian Sports) an adjustment from £27 million showing how desperate they are to grab hold of their former academy trainnee.

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Test post

This is a test post from my mobile workstation/playstation which should serve as an ideal platform for the immediate release of my creative endeavours. This tool is the perfect, well almost perfect, tool for writing on a much more regular basis.


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Been thinking ’bout

Been thinking about…

  1. Why Ghanaian forex bureaus stopped displaying rates outside.
  2. Knock-off football jerseys that have lighter feel to them.
  3. Empty containers having a longer lifespan than the contents they held.
  4. Drivers with the smuggest look behind the wheel not being the owners of  the cars they are driving.
  5. The best answers being the simplest ones; cliched but very true.
  6. The fact that women have stopped fighting like women.
  7. Having a theory linking brain tumours to stressful calls and so giving out my number  to cheerful people only.
  8. Coins devaluing my wallet.
  9. Pen drives doubling as crucifixes.
  10. How to help someone holding up a sign that reads, “homeless and horny!”.
  11. Only shopping on the other side of the window.
  12. Sometimes confusing “public enemy” with “public enema”.



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