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Trip through Flickr

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Trip to Ofankor

Journey To The East

Journey To The East

I took these a while back when my siblings and I went to visit our most beloved uncle in Ofankor.

After fumbling about with our transportation arrangements for two hours, we set off on our way to the hills of Ofankor. The ride there was one of the most uncomfortable ones I’ve ever had. The Achimota Overpass and surrounding areas were in such a sorry state I couldn’t believe what I saw. I don’t remember exactly when the project started but I know for certain that it was started a while back and should have been completed by now. My eyes were sore from all the sand particles that accumulated in them. My lips felt like they’ve been rubbed with fine-sand paper. I was thirsty but too pissed off to drink anything. Huff!

Anyway, we finally got there in about 2hours (or at least that’s how long it seemed at the time) from the Achimota bridge. A journey that should have lasted 30mins at most.

After the long-time-no-see hugs and pleasantries we watched Shirley Frimpong Manson’s ”A Sting In A Tale” after which I went for a stroll out of boredom.I didn’t roam about a lot though because of my innate fear of being stabbed or shot in the groin or ass-raped for trespassing. A good fear to have I think; don’t go roaming about places you don’t know unless it is with a local guide. Preferably one that looks like Hulk Hogan’s half brother. I didn’t want to look too touristy with my sandals and digital camera in hand snapping away at every moving or static object so I decided to take pictures of the hills, plants, one butterfly, and some pottery, out of plain view. The boldest I got was to stop one stranger to take his pic. Never done that before; somethings just need to be captured and frozen in time. He is the one in the red and blue jersey with the black polythene bag on his head.

In the late hours of a rather hot afternoon, we were treated to some delicious fufu and ”Aponkyen nkrakra” . Sorry but ”Light soup” just doesn’t capture the utter deliciousness of the chow. And besides there was nothing light about the soup. I could barely walk three feet before catching my breath afterwards. Aah bliss!

The ride back to Central Accra was a breeze compared to that of the morning’s. May be because the taxi driver was playing a Live album by J.A Adofo.I fucking love that man’s voice, nothing like it around.A true living legend of Ghanaian music. Been a while I listened to some golden Ghanaian music so this was a welcomed distraction from simmering road rage.


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Video of the day – Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

This is what I call dedication; this is if you take her word for it 😉

I don’t think I have the stamina or the drive for a project of this magnitude . Amazing thing is that she, unlike other girls I know, didn’t add an inch of fat to her cheek muscles. Not an inch. What is your secret girl? Must be all that noodles :-)(no Asian stereotyping here please,reserve you flames) No smile lines either. Indicative of a secluded life, an unhappy one,member of the republican party, virgin perhaps ? My bet is on the last one. Most deflowered girls, that I know of, have slut written all over their faces. She doesn’t. Just kidding.

It’s a pretty short video but I bet you will , like me, watch it more than once.


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