Priceless Girl

Diamond Girl

Out of the blue and into the red
With a surprise you took up residence
Location : soul
Didn’t see it coming
Loved it when it arrived
We kissed the first time
Became one the next
It was mind-blowing,earth-shattering,balls-bursting,ice-cold,
It was jump-on-top-of-moving-car-screaming-like-a-lunatic, good
I lost consciousness unconsciously
Woke up a new man
A taken man

All I see is us in the flesh
Our bodies vibrating
Shivers running down my spine
I see you seeing me
Steadly keeping time with you
Hmm ahh you go
This is it you know
You and me like this
Bodies merged into an infinite continuum
Twisting with perfect harmony
A perfect fit

Ooh this is it for me
My golden girl, my diamond girl
My priceless girl

I dream more than I think
Seeing little copies of us running around in my head
Screaming at night for attention
Some with your eyes
Others with my huge head
Smile to self
Oh what a life
Oh what a life that would be
My golden girl, my diamond girl ,my platinum girl
My priceless girl
That’s what you are.

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3 thoughts on “Priceless Girl

  1. This is beautiful, I like the breaks in the first two stanzas and it makes me smile 🙂

  2. slpmartin says:

    Very romantic and sensual poem and so nicely presented.

  3. pol159 says:

    Thanks to you both for the kind words.

    @ MsAfropolitan, she makes me smile too :-)…she just doesn’t know it.

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