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Ghanaian nurses assault patient

ghana nurses

Ghana nurses

I couldn’t believe this utterly unacceptable headline when I read myjoyonline online today. I can’t say that I am surprised though. It has been coming for a while now. I think nurses in general have developed a mean streak about them since the days Florence Nightingale ; I guess after seeing so many people die most dont value human life as much.

Ghanaian nurses in particular have a bad reputation in this country and this story goes to affirm their status as baddies of the health service. A bit harsh I know but when you have also suffered in their hands like I have  you wont have much sympathy or empathy for them.

I nearly collapsed at Korle-Bu after being rushed there ,when I thought I was dying, and all the attending nurses could do was mock me, not try to calm me down. Turns out I had just suffered a panic attack; not fatal but very uncomfortable for the people who have or do experience it.

The government needs to add a further one year to nurses’ training; one year devoted to public relations (in particular patients relations). Or come with a way of punishing wayward nurses who mishandle patients ( who at times are very rude, yes and for a good reason, courtesy goes out the window when you think you are about to join your grandpa in the fiery pits of hell). Either that or god forbid, one day we would hear of nurses battering a patient to death.



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