Writing My First Short Film



I’ve been trying to write my first short screenplay as long as I’ve been wanting to shoot my first short film. I have  210, yes exactly that figure – ideas, premises, situations, “what if… ” scenarios, music that’ll be perfect for a particular scene, beginnings and endings, middles, and the like but not one whole.

Personally I don’t feel that constant urge to read or write or watch movies to develop the right material to work with. Even though I should feel it or force myself to feel it, I don’t most times. And that’s the truth.

Inspiration is for amateurs

I doubt that even the most successful writers in Hollywood get that burning desire every single day. Most write everyday because they have to meet deadlines. Or there’s no paycheck. And that’s understandable. But in saying that they have something I would buy with one of my testicles.

Bum adhesive.

Getting up and writing at a designated time, no matter what and not when I get inspired. Or waking up at 1am, best hour to catch witches and armed robbers, and get to writing. My day tends to be packed full with activity. If I’m not at work for the most part of the day, I’m at home watching TV and surfing the net for inspiration. Making time isn’t as easy as cutting out TV time because as a media person that’s how I stay abreast with the competition. And I sleep at 11pm everyday and that’s incredible rare, since most times my back hits the bed at around 1

I love reading but I’m not an avid reader

I have an 800 page ish book, Underworld by Don DeLillo , that I borrowed from the library about two months ago and I’m still stuck on page 2.  It’s not that the story isn’t interesting, well so far the first two pages have proved to be mellow, but if I wanted to be titillated  I would be reading hustler magazine or one of Dan Brown’s novels if I was feeling conspiratorial . I’m a fan of literary fiction even though I must confess that I don’t understand every single message or idea some writers try to communicate. Read Possession by AS Byatt and get back to me. But even with this book I was left with a profound appreciation for the English language and an even greater appreciation for the people who master it. Even though the language was elusive, confusing (even with a dictionary) and sleep inducing it left an impression on me afterwards.

And this segues very nicely into my struggles with my scripts. They say good writing comes from good reading. And since I haven’t been doing much of the latter, writing has slowly turned into a chore. I swear that sometimes I can hear the screams of my aborted script fetuses in my dreams and that disturbs me a lot.

Light at the end of the tunnel

I have been getting visions, and I don’t mean the ones induced by kush, and they’re good visions. I have an idea in mind that I see going through a beginning, middle and end in terms of structure without it or me falling apart.

I’m really hoping this confidence isn’t misplaced and I can finally see one script to term. (Forgive the broody metaphors btw lol)

_Steve  (@song_1985)

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