Been Thinking ’bout…

Been thinking about…

  1. Multi-coloured socks that don’t match any colour on their owners
  2. Gregorian chants
  3. Cars painted black without air conditioning  in them with their owners fanning themselves with their palms.
  4. Being biased on purpose.
  5. Lack of a litigious spirit and mind set in Ghanaians, at least the ones that grew up here.
  6. One hit wonders in all artistic discipline.
  7. What God’s plans are for the human race. Just a second’s peek into his daily planner would do.
  8. Whether there was, is and ever will be a God with all the misery in this world.
  9. Why a supernatural being would create a human being then send him to earth to be tested by the pleasures of this world and when he fails he is then condemned to eternal damnation? How can this be true if He is supposed to be a  loving and caring supernatural being ?
  10. Organized religion being one big, gigantically-enormous and  ridiculously well-executed con!


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