Been thinking ’bout…


These are a few of the things that keep my mind busy in my spare time or things that I noticed right when I had my trusty mini PAPERLINE EXECUTIVE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK at hand.

Been thinking ’bout…

  1.  Girls who walk around town with mean faces.
  2. Walking around town with a smile that would make one look weird and might even indicate a state of mental instability instead of bliss.
  3. Spectacled middle-income Ghanaians.
  4. For some reason I expect a red or green squiggly line to be correcting my grammar as I write on paper.
  5. Pretty boys who offset their pretty boy looks by growing a beard and hard-looking men who keep their faces clean-shaven so as not to frighten perhaps not because society demands it of them.
  6. Dirty-looking men walking around town in their work clothes.
  7. ‘S’s with and without tails.
  8. Sweet girls with sweeter curves.
  9. Peach-coloured skin women with fat titties.
  10. Girls that turn me on without permission.


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