Anatomy of a lie

All of my siblings know for a fact that I am against lies. I and the rest of the world tell them ( me, occasionally) but I am still against it.

After a couple of hours of mulling over this subject, I came up with three manageable types of lies we tell. They are:

– The rehearsed lie ( premeditated)
– The spontaneous and
– The one in between these two (name yet to be identified)

Allow me to break it down for you into as simple an idea as I can.

The premeditated lie is the worst kind in my opinion. Telling this kind of lie indicates that you have a prior intention of deceiving, manipulating, cheating etc… to gain an advantage over your victim. eg, planning and executing a con.

The second one can either be viewed from a sympathetic point of view or from disgusted one. Sympathetic when the liar is caught unawares and has to avoid the truth or risk death or public humiliation. My sympathies even here are wafer-thin since I believe in truth being the best policy, every time! (Yes, even when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun)

However the experienced liar who tells a spontaneous lie so well it appears to be truthful is equally as damnable as a rehearsed liar even with genuine reasons, hence the disgust.

The third and tricky one who happens to be caught in the middle is the kind who rehearses his lies at length but is also adept at improvisation. There are just a few things that are worse than a liar skilled in ad libbing.

Although my siblings know about my stance on lying they also know that I can be quite the crafty fibber when I do feel like telling a lie. Funny enough, I hate lying mainly because of this. Call it nurture or nature but I still stand firm on this.

I am by noway ignorant by seeming to espouse idealist sentiments in a real world. I do know that always telling the whole truth would hardly be practical since brutal honesty would only get you so far before people see you as an ass. But if it were left up to me, truth would reign supreme even in the toughest of situations.


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