New zodiac signs for 2011

I know a couple of people whose zodiac sign they will swear to you influences their daily life from the friends they make, their love life and even personal finance. I am not one of them. These new revelations concerning the changes to the dates for the various zodiac signs and the addition of a new one caught my attention recently whiles watching CNN. According to the report, astrologers have all but rubbished these new revelations preferring to stick the old zodiac calendar instead, simply because it fits better. Whatever that means. But who could blame them? The astrological industry is a huge one with support from the ordinary man on the street to pop superstars. Imagine having to call all your clients and telling them that you might have made a mistake with something as delicate as in pairing them up to the wife they’re about to marry.  The video below should shed more light on it.


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