Yesterday’s TV _The One Show

Joycelyn of The One Show

These are the things I learned from watching Viasat1’s The One Show yesterday.

1. Ghanaian women and their bras

• Plunge bras are for evening wear and Balcony bras are not suitable for fully busted girls,
• Women should get their busts measured every six months,
• The working Ghanaian woman needs nipple covers since showing nipples in the workplace apparently is offensive,
• And some Ghanaian women wear corsets to keep their bodies lithe,
• Going to bed with tight bras on can cause breast cancer,

And last but not least

• Women are self conscious of their panty lines when they’re wearing denim trousers(If only they knew how much of a turn that is for men they would buy jeans that have panty lines sown into them)

Tips by Lydia C.E.O of Coin deluxe

2. Our Intellectual Mcs are all in the Diaspora.

One thing I realized was that no matter how much people like me want the Ghanaian public to embrace real good music( in this case hip hop) one that talks about life  but not just about parties, it will remain apathetic and in the dark. For one, most of our radio djs won’t play songs that are not on the  pop Top 40 chart (because of corporate responsibilities) so the Ghanaian audience doesn’t know about them.Also we find ourselves in a time where socially conscious music isn’t seen as danceable and popular anymore so they are not bothered about liking or listening to something that the next person hasn’t heard(but that is where most of the fun is). So if you are djing for the club or on radio during prime time, playing Fela isn’t really an option; that is if you want to keep your job.

So even though I was excited to see an artist like M.anifest being given such a platform to talk about his music, it was but a momentary period of bliss since experience has taught me that by tomorrow it will all fade away. The Ghanaian brain works that way unless it is constantly reminded of how great something is.

Wanlov da Kubolor comes to mind. Even though he might be the exception to the rule, he would have gone the route of all the underground acts that don’t make it locally but end up playing in small clubs in Europe, if he hadn’t gotten the needed air time. I suppose timing also played a huge role in his success since he was a breath of fresh air when he first came out with “smallest time”. It could also be because he is “obroni” and you know how we Ghanaians literally worship our “obronis”.

M.anifest did himself and his fans proud though with his very thoughtful and precise observations of day to day life in the big city. He even sited our back-of-the-truck guerrilla marketers as a source of inspiration for his music during the course of the interview.

His blackstar video would definitely, if actively promoted that is, take some time to sink in and appreciated especially when it would be competing for attention with videos from the likes of Phamous Philms. And there were no girls shaking their behinds in the video either, another minus. A big minus for the Ghanaian audience.

It was a good interview and I wish M.anifest and his label the luck they need to market their music here.

3. Quotes from “The good, the bad and the ugly” shown on on Joy TV

” When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”

“In this world my friend there are two types of people. The ones with a loaded gun and the ones who dig. You, dig!.”

After watching this movie it was clear to me that the director deliberately went out of his way to make one of the coolest movies of all time. And it was.


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