Anas, The Super Sleuth

Osu children's home

Ghana’s most high-profile and indefatigable investigative journalist has today received an award for his work on the Accra psychiatric hospital’s mismanagement and criminal activities.

This after exposing the endemic corruption within the border control services and the CEPS officials involved and also lifting the lid on the dastardly acts being committed at the Osu Children’s home. The latter revelation caused wide spread revolt at he inhumane way child-orphans were being treated in the home, previously thought of as being a safe haven for the fatherless and motherless.

Anas is alleged to have about seven different houses in different locations among which he moves because of security reasons. Some even claim he stands at seven feet tall, and this is without heels. Anas the man and Anas the legend will for as long as he remains an anonymous investigative journalist remain inseparable by the looks of things.

I am not going to make a blanket statement by saying that our country would be a better place if there were more of his kind around but he is certainly doing one hell of a good job in keeping the bad guys in check.

Congrats again.


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