Video of the day – Fabulous picture show “benda bilili”

This story of the group of paraplegics who went from receiving lose change for singing, on the streets of Kinshasa to Cannes is one filled with inspiration and is a manifestation of the willpower and never-say-die attitude of the poor man. I wish all the physically challenged beggars we have crowding out  our pavements at circle and other places could get a chance to see this movie. The fact that you’re physically disadvantaged doesn’t mean your brain can’t get you fed. My personal motto is, ” if you can beg for money, you can work for money”.

A bit harsh? May be since our society doesn’t make it any easier for them to get employed. But that said, human beings have been known to surmount unbelievable odds to get what they want, or want done so no one has an excuse to slack around. Period.


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