The Secret To Success

key to success


I know I am about to make a very controversial statement and probably throw the teachings of a least two dozen management books on how to succeed in life, out of the window.

The secret to success, isn’t hard work but repetition.

Let me elaborate on this statement.For most people the only way to reach the top, if they were not born Diddy- rich, is to work hard. Work extremely hard in some cases, especially when they have to fight to the top with the added burden of a physical disability in some cases. Hard work has worked for most of the wealthy (the only quantifiable measure of success) and successful men and women living  to day.And yes hard work can be mutually exclusive from repetition when you one just grinds his/her way to the top. But after a lot of thinking and researching I find that in the majority of success stories, it is not hard work in the truest sense of the word that gave them the success, but repetition.

A very strange word to choose but I can’t think of any one more appropriate. It was Lil wayne who first mentioned it in his unofficial documentary(later distanced himself from the docu). I heard it and discarded it since I thought he was under the influence of his cough medicine again. But then recently I found myself thinking more and more about this particular statement.

“Success comes through repetition”.

And then like a light bulb had been flicked on in my head, everything became clearer.

This statement had already been in existence but in another form- “Practice makes perfect”.

And how do you practice? By going through what you have learned, again and again and again until you mastered it so thoroughly that even sleep couldn’t shake your mastery of this thing. I once heard that in order to become a successful cartoonist you would have to have drawn on papers, that would equal you in height when stacked on top of one another. Then draw some more.

The truth of the matter is our brain makes all of this possible. The majority of us are blessed with  a very adaptive brain that soaks in new experiences  and skill ,which when made familiar to them by repetition become woven into our very  fabric. This explains why I am a better typist now than I was 10 years ago when I started practicing on Mavis Beacon. I can even type with my eyes closed (Just as I am doing now:-)



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