Musical Eclecticism: A curse or a blessing?


Gucci Mane



I pride myself in the fact that I have a very broad musical taste. I can listen to and enjoy hip hop just as much as I can listen to and enjoy rock music (I mean really white rock music eg metal). But this had me thinking about a couple of things. Could this be a musical manifestation of some latent spirit of promiscuity and emotional whoredom?

I have a couple more questions that bother my never-resting mind. Like what number of genres does a person have to actively listen to to have an eclectic taste? 5, 10, or may be 50? Because with all the sub-genres coined by listeners and journalists you can easily top 100 in some instances.

Again does the eclectic ear only listen to ‘good’ music? Yes, good can be very subjective but good here stands for anything that speaks to you on all levels. Spiritual, emotional and physical.With the absence of bad music on the eclectic listener’s play list how then does he/she determine or really appreciate the good music he/she is generally more drawn to. Believe me when I tell you that you begin to appreciate good music when you listen to most of the shit that’s being fed to the masses these days by the ones I call our “clone DJs”. Cough, soulja boy,Gucci mane cough .

Does the eclectic ear also have to only listen to more obscure music than popular to stay eclectic? But isn’t the whole point of eclecticism to be all-inclusive ? To listen to a Bollywood soundtrack, to ambient to deep house, Afro pop, jazz, highlife etc?

These are a couple of questions that keep troubling this eclectic soul.


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