Kebab seller opens up his brother



Upon reading one particular story on Peacefmonline, I was flabbergasted about the reasons given for attempting to waste the life of another human being; and in such a personal way too by using a knife.Not only that but doing it to your own blood. Your senior brother.

Yes, men in times past have maimed, decapitated, scarred, paralyzed or even killed because of infidelity or the slightest hint of it. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion.Equally as powerful an emotion as love and hate. Sometimes even more powerful than the famous pair. Jealousy makes you crave for things you don’t have. Things you wish you had. Things/ people you never appreciated when you had them but will do everything in your power to have them just because someone else places a higher value on them.

Jealousy can lead you to commit a whole myriad of sins. These can range from harmless stalking to murder. From following around an ex-lover to stabbing a cheating wife and her lover in cold blood on the bed. This is not to suggest that men are the only sex prone to disproportionate actions caused by jealousy. Women have also been known to stalk (even stealthier than men) or be as brutal in dealing with unfaithful partners as men.

One lesson gained from reading this story is whatever reasons you would have to take an action do take it after a lengthy logical argument with yourself. Ask yourself two very simple questions; “What would I gain if I walk away” and “What would I lose if I don’t”. Quick fire decisions always lead to regret especially when they turn out for the worst. I mean how would you feel, rotting in prison for life, knowing very well that all you could have done would be to breath in and out, taking that extra second to make your decision before you pulled the trigger.

In the case concerning the kebab assailant, I lay a sizable portion of the blame at the feet of religion and backward traditional beliefs that brainwashed this man so thoroughly that he saw nothing wrong with killing another human being.It is during moments such as these my atheist side takes over so completely that any trace of my theist half is eviscerated.



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