Funny money in Ghana

Ghana Cedi

Personally I feel completely indignant and embarrassed when the faintest insinuation is made as to the genuineness of my bills. I work hard for my money and when I feel the need or want to spend it I feel completely disgusted when a seller demands to check my money for flaws.

One incident that comes to mind is when a “kenkey” seller consulted other sellers to check whether the crisp GH5 cedi note I had given her was a counterfeit. I felt insulted. I kept wandering if  my nose had a criminal-looking crook in it . In the end my note checked out (after intense scrutiny from a committee of about five other sellers)

I have handled counterfeit money before. I know what a bad counterfeit looks like and the very good ones are practically indistinguishable from genuine currency; that is until you decide to take a closer look. They both can make a big fool out of you when for instance you think you’ve made a GH10 cedi sale only to realize that you are stuck with worthless coloured paper.

This is a global problem and as is stated here, a very big business. This is the ultimate aim of every goon, mobster or gangster walking the planet. To print their own bills. If it was possible, even customize it in the process with a pimped out head shot .

NOTE TO SELF AND OTHERS- Always Check and double check the bills you handle if you are receiving change for goods you buy. If it is possible get a bank cashier to run your cash through a money counting machine if you are receiving physical payment for a major transaction.


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