The 10 Worst Economies

In the world?  Are you serious?

This list, how ever reputable it is, is very suspicious with the shocking exclusion of North Korea ( a country with no formal trade agreement with any country on the planet). And notice how all except one of the countries listed are African countries? It is obvious that Nicaragua was the token equivalent of the black man in Hollywood movies, only this time it is in reverse so to speak.  I am not calling the magazine racist but actions speak louder than words.

Again, Ghana shouldn’t be on this list at all and should have placed last as a consolation instead of 9th. And also if Eritrea is on the list then so should Somalia and  Sudan .

After reading this tripe  my highly held regard of Forbes magazine has dropped a 100 notches on a scale of 101. Now I am beginning to question the validity of their “World’s Richest People” list. For all you know they’ve been omitting some Swedru billionaire’s name from the list so as to preserve some kind of prestige.

I couldn’t find the name of the writer of this  sensationalist piece of doodoo  on the website. Name hidden behind the company’s name for fear of some hate mail backlash directed to this writer from someone like me? hmm

I am personally  preparing a “The 10 Worst Magazines on the planet”, guess who’s at number 1.


Thanks goes to Kobby Graham for sharing this story on Facebook.

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