How I get some …

First question, what business is it of yours how i get laid? Whether i do it with my legs in the sky or on the bed, floor kitchen or hallway blindfolded or with my eyes wide open?What business is it of yours if I have consensual sex with any human being male, female, transvestite or a fucking chimp? (no pun intended)

Society is obsessed with sex. More to the point the sexual acts of others. Whether we are aware of it or not, the moment we meet someone we’ve already paired them up with a hot chick in a steamy sex scene or a muscular macho type of dude if the person happens to be effeminate to any degree. Labeling, and typecasting people has become a way of communication even before we open our mouths to say hello. For some people categorizing acquaintances and strangers friends and foe alike puts them at ease. They’re more relaxed when relating to you. They know what jokes to tell or not to tell, what comments to make or not to make about certain subjects.

I am not saying that all labeling is bad. Imagine having to constantly being forced to differentiate between a Coke and Pepsi without their respective logos on; chaos. But in saying that I don’t support the prejudicial labels that accompany us wherever we go. For people who are deemed the sexual deviants of this world have a shitty time going just doing the simple things in life like getting work and getting paid, ambitions in the work place and shit like that. I dare you to name one openly gay Ghanaian corporate executive of the thousands of top execs we have out there.

Progress for most races is tough. Old habits die hard; the old bad habits die even harder.It took a while before witches were spared at the stake in Salem for instance. But it eventually STOPPED !!

For us Africans however, this is doubly hard. We seem very progressive in other aspects of our lives like blindly copying hip hop and Hollywood but not in religion for example. Homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism is still frowned upon by the major world religions out there. What right do you have suppressing the sexual needs and feelings of another person just because your bigoted mind says it’s not right? Let live and let die(personal motto)

So the next time anyone denies you anything because they don’t like who you fuck and how you fuck them tell them to go fuck themselves in the nose, if they succeed then you could change your orientation 😉

This story on the Guardian website inspired this post. Read the full story  HERE

To be jailed for 14 years for openly expressing your love for another man is unthinkable in my mind. Not just that but to be sent to different prisons to serve your time just wreaks of wickedness of the highest order. I hope they get the justice they deserve upon appeal


UPDATE: The above couple have been release from custody after they were granted a presidential pardon. Common sense rules the day, thank God.

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