Daily Archives: March 27, 2010


I need power
I need it to warm my leftovers
I need it to iron my wet books or my bp climbs
I need it , I need my power

I need it to give my dead mobile, life
I need it to listen to some good highlife
I need it to stay abreast with global political strife
I need it to broaden my deficient knowledge on wildlife

But big boss you starve me of it
You take it away fully aware of my addiction
But right after detox, you inject it back into my system
Then I become hopelessly hooked again

Who do I blame?
The lake?
Too much evapouration?
Children accidentally tripping on cables in your control room?
Drunk engineers?
The drunk engineers’ ”apeteshie” supplier?
Corruption and bribbery?
Encumbent party sympathisers targetting opposition-heavy areas?
Eh,who or what at all do I blame?

OH ECG, I need my power
So put me out of my misery
Or to the mountains of Tibet will I relocate.

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