Daily Archives: March 6, 2010

Garden Trip

I took these when strolling around my auntie’s garden ( more of a green part of the house; no trace of the usual suspects of a proper garden :0). I took these with my 3mega pixel canon camera. Need to get a better camera.

Happy Birthday Ghana

Feeling Gloomy

Today is my country’s Independence Day and I feel and think no different today than I do on most days; this is with good reason. I am still unemployed, loveless but  in love, disillusioned with life, frequently semi-suicidal, or more appropriately curious about death.

The way I see it, we as Ghanaians  peaked at our last 50th anniversary, and even that was a flop. So for the next 50 years ,at least, we are going down hill in terms of celebrating our  annual independence anniversary.

Same old, same old

I havent even bothered to read the dailies or watch any of the clone morning talk/ newspaper review shows on TV. The same old thing is going to be the  theme of their discussions. Even more depressing is the Independence program line we are fed every year. First would be a line-up of hitherto underexposed Senior High School choirs doing various renditions of our myriad  of patriotic songs after being cleaned for dust. Then two to three hours of the same 40 something year old documentary narrated by some cockney-accented voice-over guy.Then there is the LIVE coverage of the independence march-past festivities which apparently wont feature members of our security service after a couple of them fainted. Hilarious.

And that people, is the way we celebrate our independence. This goes to show that there isn’t much to celebrate after five decades of booting out the baddies. Our people are still dying from some of the most preventable diseases know to man,we are still suffering from an  erratic power and water supply and seemingly daily sky-rocketing prices of commodities. So please for God’s sake excuse me for being the die-hard cynic that I am.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The way I see it we NEED A SECOND INDEPENDENCE.  Liberation of our beloved country from the clutches of corrupt public officials, and even more corrupt leaders who put them there in the first place. Then may be for a change I, and the millions of kindred spirits, will have something to look forward to and actually celebrate our Independence Day when it comes around again.