Take A Sample

I still am completely torn down the middle about Jason Derulo’s ” Whatcha say” tracks. On the one hand the guy completely took apart one of my all time favourite track ” Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap, and killed it; the original was perfect the way it was; without an mc ( a wack one at that). But on the other hand it is one hell of a club tune.

The positive thing out of this musical-mess is the obvious jump in sales of Imogean Heap’s albums and particularly the single ” Hide and Seek”
( Eminem’s ”Stan” did wonders for Dido, business-wise for those of you that remember) and eventual trickling down to the lesser known artists in the same genre.

The other good thing to come out of this is that , this could be his first and last hit track ( where the hell is M.I.M.S?) so I wouldn’t have to think about him making another hit with say… Smoke City’s ” Underwater love”. Now that could drive me to the bottle. 🙂


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