Broken Language Vrs Broken Language

The first time I heard Wanlov and Mensa’s version of ‘Broken Language’, I was completely blown away. The skill with which both rappers/ hiplifers delivered their lines rivalled some of the best I’ve heard (some of NAS’ stuff from his acclaimed first album Illimatic for example). I am still blown away whiles still managing to maintain this dumb ass wide-eyed look of I-cant-believe-what-I-am-hearing but yet still manage to calm down and slip into that typical good hip hop enduced head knodding trance we all love.

AND THEN I HEARD Smoothe da Hustler ft Trigger tha Gambler’s version.
Now I am completely split and cant decide which of the two versions of the same track basically, is the better one. I like our version ( Kubolo and Mensa’s version) mainly because I can relate to most of the things they talk about ( especially the botoss watching ). Then again the original is equally as awesome without needing you to relate to the violence and drug abuse they talk about; just let the rhythm and rhyming take you away to that special place I talked about earlier.

In a very uncertain conclusion, I would say that I cant choose between the two so you decide.

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