Film review ‘Kabluey’

For the past couple of weeks, Viasat 1 has been airing movies from a particular production house, New Films International. The movies that have been shown have however been a hit and miss.I thoroughly enjoyed ‘ Dating games people play‘ but slept through most of ‘November‘ starring Courteney Cox (plays Monica in Friends).
In addition to the six or so movies I’ve seen from this production company, Kabluey is the best out of the lot in my opinion. It it is movie that talks about a family, that is made up of frustrated-with-life mom, two sons that are out of control( euphemism for Lucifer’s incarnates) and a dad that’s been posted to Iraq. Things naturally get to a boiling point for Leslie ( mom- Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame) who in an act of desperation ,turns to her estranged brother-in-law for help.
Salmon to the rescue.
Things dont get off to a good start with the kids though, the elder of the two in particular, turning on him with their juvenile destructive energy. Salmon eventually gets a menial job working as a walking ad campaign handing out fliers as a marcot for his employers.
The actor-writer-director of this film, Scott Prendergrast does a brilliant job with his impecable comedic timing and delivery. He reminds me of John Heder who plays the lead actor in Napoleon Dynamite ( a cult classic) with his geeky-awkward-funny-without-saying-a-word look.
For those of you who didn’t see the film, buy the DVD or pray for the repeat on VS1.

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