The curious case of the ‘LAFA’

Van Vicker — shameless ‘LAFArian’

Look i dont know what the whole fuss is about with this ‘LAFA’ ( which stands for Locally Acquired Foreign Accent for those of you who arent in the know) phenomenon as we call it locally. When you really think about it how do people in general acquire their accents? How does someone who has lived all his life within the shores of his/ her mother country, end up talking like someone from east London or New York? Answer: Very simple. Human nature.

When we as human beings, get exposed to a certain culture whether we get to experience it first hand or long distance we will end up picking up elements of that foreign culture; Accent, food, fashion sense and yes, even our taste in women or men for that matter. Whether this happens consciously because one finds it more appealing and cooler to talk like an American or we just slip into the tongue just because we watched too much TV flooded with foreign programs is beside the point. The fact is it happens; its human nature.
People who acquire LAFA are constantly exposed to MTV, CNN, listening to music reading foreign entertainment mags etc…( yes you can acquire LAFA by reading; i was once told i had a Brit accent just because i said ‘pity’ instead of ‘its a shame’ ; and this was when i was instant messaging!

So for me the hating from all of these expats and locals alike is unjustified.The same way our brothers from abroad get offended when we, who are supposed to be their brothers and sisters at home, call them ‘obroni’ or when you call someone a ‘villager’ (derog) because he cant speak proper english we shouldnt label LAFArians as frauds.

There I’ve said my peace so until next time its Later Homies !! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The curious case of the ‘LAFA’

  1. Qué? says:

    Refreshing perspective. I dunno though. Although I hear you completely on your point on cultural globalization/Americanization, there's still something fishy about LAFAs. It's one thing to be influenced by something and another to be completely overwhelmed by it, I reckon. The most successful civilizations have all been marked by their ability to absorb the best aspects of other cultures and adapt them to their own. LAFAs are absorption of something that isn't even the best of American/British culture and it's not even adpated and localized. It's like a denial or relegation of something about your self to second-class. Also, I dig your perspective but I don't think it's not enough to say 'it happens'. So does paedophilia.

  2. B.O.N.T.I says:

    @Footprint i get you completely but for example you sayn its a pity rather than its a shame doesnt mean you have a lafa.@Que is right we are not acquiring the best things from these westernized countries. expanding your scope of knowledge doesnt mean talk like them.Honestly i think wanting to talk like the west, we've lost a certain uniqueness in which we express ourselves.

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