‘Britain’s Got Talent ‘ UPDATE

I was pleasantly surprised by the show and a bit numbed by the concept however; winning a competition to get an audience with the Queen just didnt go down well with my anti-class alter ego . May be I would have a different view of things hadI grown up in Britain. But thats  in another life 🙂
As expected, the turnout was huge ( not American Idolesque mind you, smaller country:)but the hardwork of sifting and sieving through the human rubish present  must have been monumental.  So after the elimination round where those who couldnt manage to cross that faint line that separates  weirdness  and weird talent, fell by the way side or on this ocassion were ‘X’ed off stage in front of millions . Feel your pain guys especially when you told your ex you were going to be famous after you win the show.
In the end I was pissed because the people I was rooting for lost (Susan and Flawless) .But truth be told I kind of had a sneaky feeling that Flawless werent going to win especially when they were up against a rival dance group with the more pleasing and less cocky name Diversity. Coincidence that the public went for a more embrassing name or they were just better dancers? Better dancers i dont know about that , but with the cute kids and flawless performance Diversity deserved to win. For once Flawless werent so flawless.They just didnt put on a performance worthy of a grand final . [ main problem : shoddy and over-elaborate choreography]

Ooh Susie Susie Susie. I feel for the old gal. Coming from her little corner somewhere in Britain to snatch the hearts of thousands in the process building massive good will and a solid momentum to win the  competition only to fail at the final hurdle. No wonder she ended up seeking medical help of a psychiatric nature ( apparently she’s out as I type these here words) She could have done with more rouge on the cheeks; showbiz is lets face it, about looks and charm so  in the end the more dazzling competitor won.

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