Author Spotlight:- Ayesha Haruna-Attah

I watched this girl  on Kwaku Sintim Misa’s (KSM) TGIF show on Metro TV yesterday and was impressed by her achievement. She recently launched her book ( not sure of exact location) Harmattan Rain” after going through a 9-month writers’ workshop in Senegal hosted by none other than Ayi Kwei Armah author of ”The beautyful ones are not yet born”. (beautyful not spelt wrongly :-).

My only hope is that people wont be  put off by the 400-page book before even buying it. For reason that are not yet clear to me, most African lit comes in less than 300 pages. Cost? Running out of creative steam? Going out of one’s mind getting dry plots to stick? hmm

If her personality is anything to go by then her book should be a engaging read; good writers tend to do that, infuse their work with bits of their personality that is.

One thought on “Author Spotlight:- Ayesha Haruna-Attah

  1. Dentaa says:

    love your blog! thanks for introducing me to “How to Write about Africa” by Binyavanga Wainaina.

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