Football: Man Utd Knocked Out Of FA CUP

Ooh what a fucking disaster. Personally I didnt get to watch the match live because of work but managed to get commentary from BBC, on the patched-up radio I had nearby.

The first 120mins went by like a flash, except for the fact THAT WE WERE ROBBED OF A CLEAR PENALTY IN DAYLIGHT. So without any goals takin the game went into penalties. But then I hoped against all hope that Ben Foster, our dimunitive England team aspiring goalie, would come to our rescue. But instead it was the American goal keeper ,Tim Howard who i still think we sold at the wrong time; ends up saving two penalties so even though Tim Cahil blazed his effort over the crossbar Everton came away winners with a 4-2 scoreline.

Why oh why did Fergie field so young a squad… yes we have a lot of important matches coming up but he could have fielded the fringe players instead and not the youngsters. Surely a great manager like Fergie wasnt expecting Macheda to repeat his wonder goal scoring spree…. huff. What I didnt expect from him however was to join Arsene Wenger in blaming the pitch for not winning.

So bad judgement and cruel referreeing has stolen our chance of winning the cup because we all know that we could beat Chelsea should we have met them in the finals.

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