Video Of The Day : ” Watchmen ” – trailer

Here comes another on screen comic book adaptation but this time from the studios of Paramount , Warner Bros, Legendary pictures and DC Comics.

It is for this reason alone that I will make it a point to see this flick. From the gossip circulating the WWW it sounds like its going to be one hell of a movie; that is if you are into adaptations of comic books into movies.Or if you are into comic books at all. Or if you don’t mind some big-shot Hollywood director murdering your favourite super hero characters on the big screen. Last year, the phenomenally successful Dark knight set a very high bench mark and this undoubtedly means the viewing audience is going to settle for nothing less than that. That would take some doing though(Watchmen out grossing the Dark Knight). But Some say they are two different movies and shouldn’t be put into the same category. Its still about a bunch of super heroes and heroins dressed up in psychedelically-coloured, suffocating spandex costumes.

Director Zach Snyder who brought us 300 with the backing of Legendary pictures is in charge of this one as well. I loved 300 especially the part where one of the elders of the council was consulting the ‘Oracle’. Since when did Oracles become this hot. She been giving dude a huge boner every time I watch it, even after watching the movie over four times. Anyway back to movie at hand. Watching the trailer, you notice that Zach again employed a couple of the techniques he uses in 300. The special effects am is outstanding no two ways about it… but the main thing movie aficionados are worried about is the ending. Too many movies have thrived on the popularity of brilliantly edited trailers only to be 90 minutes cinematic flops.

Hope for Mr. Snyder’s sake this movie goes down well with audiences ( call it artistic solidarity or just old fashion well wishing.)

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