Man Leggings? Ouch

I cringed when I first read the headline stating the horrifying fate for the male genitalia, in a sense .

I know there is a certain androgynous quality to our MTV generation. More unisex everything, unisex clothes, unisex shades unisex condoms [ sort of 🙂 ]. The macho most men is being replaced and eviscerated by the feminine. We all know that most male designers are either gay or bisexual but tend to have a higher affinity towards the other sex more than they have for their own balls. For those of us whose very reason for living lies in between our thighs wearing nut vices isn’t our idea of a good night out. There is no way on God’s fucking planet i or any guy in his right senses would be caught dead wearing one of these,errr meggings( Credit Jonathan Heaf of the with this one ).This style is waaayyy too rock and roll for me; I bet even some rockers will find these sort of pants too left field for their taste. They’ll prefer to stick to their groupies and do lines from here to the moon before wearing one of these. For me , I’ll just stick to the music… My liberal tendencies don’t stretch that far, sorry.( pun intended ).

Read the full story below here

Before I get some hate mail, let me make this clear, this isnt a queer bashing blog so chill.

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