First Studio Experience

I had an absolute blast yesterday deep within the bellies of the pyramid house on the Osu re road and deeper still into the studios of VIBE fm.

It was a super cool experience for me although for some reason, on the spur of the moment, i chose to remain anonymous, should i have gone on air. Meeting Que? for the first time was very interesting indeed. This guy is a walking music reference book on any and everything music. My mind was doing laps just trying to keep up with this man. Absolute genius; you think you know your shit until you meet someone who makes you feel as though you’re now beginning your music education.

Que? if you are reading this how the hell do you keep up with this stuff; the people you know the books, the writing, djing and to add to all the above juggling a day job as well?.

The evening proved to be a very pleasing one and less tense than i had anticipated. We talked about everything. Music, music celebs , places he’s djed at. Another discovery, Que? happens to be a big Prince fan and not so much Michael Jackson; not surprising. Am yet to meet someone who is a fan of both superstars. Mostly the geeks for the Prince ( aka the man who once named himself after a sign) and the popsters lean towards wacko jacko.Alas, i didn’t get to play the tracks i took along, due to some smaalll technical hitches.Am back in two weeks time to the show and hopefully by then i can make the playlist available to the show.

I had a great time and it was an honour and a great pleasure to meet you Que?

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