Davos 2009 : The Issue of Ethics

This is a video about a couple people who clearly have an issue with C.E.Os not having some type of ethics code by which they ran their companies.

Quote : Doctors have the Hippocratic oath, lawyers have to pass the bar so why not C.E.Os

My personal thought

Personally i think the whole fuss about ethics is rather legitimate. Human beings were created( if you believe in creationism) or evolved( from a big bang) with something that other animals on the planet don’t have and is very underrated, but very effective and it is, COMMON SENSE. We know what is right or wrong but we, 9 out of 10 times do the latter hoping that our acts will go unnoticed. The funny thing is though with the whole ENRON debacle and subsequent arrests of top level managers you would think that that would be enough a deterrant for other green-back junkies of C.E.Os that manage our economies. Scary thing is they are still out there but will be meeting the same fate their predecessors met as a result of their greed, plane and simple. Money stinks and the longer a large pile stays with you on your 10milllion dollar yatch or 50million bucks estate on the French Riviera the faster the whole room will be pointing their fingers in your direction when the teacher asks who farted . Top level managers DO have an ethics code but its the one we ordinary people have; AKA don’t kill people, don’t steal and stuff like and I think its more than enough for anyone on the planet be it a C.E.O or the beggar on the street corner wearing your missing lucky baseball cap. Just a thought

One thought on “Davos 2009 : The Issue of Ethics

  1. Qué? says:

    lol @ “…the faster the whole room will be pointing their fingers in your direction when the teacher asks who farted…”

    Well said, my friend.

    Did you ever watch the documentary ‘The Corporation’? Award-winning stuff looking into how corporations (and the CEOs who run them) came to be so money-obsessed.

    The idea behind it is that if corporations are full persons in law, then what kind of persons are they?

    Their conclusion? Psychopathic.

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