My Trip To Japan

I took a trip to Japan on Flickr and these are the pics i brought back with me :). Some of them are just breathtaking. There are a couple of things i wish i could do before hitting the grave; one of them happens to be visiting Japan. Emphasis on ‘visiting’. I’m one of those people who thinks a city loses it charm and energy when you decide to stay too long ( more than 6months). You start to notice the foul stench of the drainage and sewage system, the people start looking like characters out of some bad 70s Chinese flick.

Another thing on my to do list before becoming worm food is to go skiing [I’ve always said that there was some white kid inside me somewhere screaming to bust out of my black overalls; proud of my African heritage nonetheless ;)]. The Swiss alps would be a nice place to start then somewhere in the north of Germany… Anyway enjoy the pics from my fake trip to Japan.

And you know you haven’t seen Japan until you’ve seen Mt. Fuji, so here it is in all of its grandeur and splendour

Source of pics : Flickr

2 thoughts on “My Trip To Japan

  1. Qué? says:

    … and I thought I was the only one. Don’t fully understand why, but Japan is the place I would most like to visit in the world above even Cuba and Brasil.Thanks for the pics. Cool write-up too.

  2. [ ] dUke [ ] says:

    eeei its official; i now have a proper blog if i can get the likes of you to comment on it :)Cuba, i would visit for the cigars, Brazil, for the Capoeira.

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