Sundance 2009 : My 2 cents

Ahh Park City, Utah is alive again with the ‘indie’ spirit; from seasoned filmmakers to new comers hoping to get their first time films snatched up by some big shots who have seen ‘ The Blair Witch project’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and hope their movie goes on the garner similar success.

There are a couple of films that I found worth talking about in this year’s competition ( err I am basing my degree of likingness according to their trailers; how the real thing will be i have no idea since the films are not out yet on wide release; both theatrical release and on DVD ) and cant wait to limewire them …Just kidding 🙂

Definitely my FAVOURITE PICK just because of how rib-cracklingly hilarious the trailer is BLACK DYNAMITE[ Rated- R] .I think this movie is going to be a hit with the right marketing. Shot in the 70s superhero cop style, you follow the adventures and sexcapades of the fouled-mouth, 12 inches packing, kungfu red belt martial artistist aptly named BLACK DYNAMITE as he takes on the crooks and dope dealers in his city [ whiles getting some man-on-fineasschick-action]

I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS. This is another comedy starring Jim Carrey. He plays a guy who after a car crash realised he is gay…gay, gay, gay, gay … as he himself puts it :). Its not a classic but am interested in seeing how a story about a gay jailbird does at the box office.On all accounts it has some big shoes to fill after the huge success of ‘ Broke Back Mountain’, although they are two very different films; genrewise at least.

[side note: will watch any movie starring Jim Carrey]

‘The Cove’ is a documentary about the Japanese fishing industry and uncovers some shocking stuff about what they do to their dolphins and whales in one Japanese city. You follow the filmmakers in the quest to uncover the truth, illegally, after being denied access to make the film legally. It looks like a really good piece of documentary making; cant wait to see it.

…..Some sights and sounds of Day 1 of the Festival……

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