TV Series Spolight : Catterick

Reeves and Mortimer for me are the best comic duo in the UK.
I first saw ‘ Catterick- DVD’ in local branch of the British Council in Accra. I went back for the DVD four to five times, and watched close to 30+ times( back in the day when i had no life :). There is just this ‘Brit’, raw, edgy feel to it that you cant get anywhere else in the anglophone community. The humour is sometimes hard to get but when you do your ribs will start to hurt. I watched it on DVD with the added benefit of subtitles( some of the accents are a bit hard on the ears… lol)

Well out of curiousity i decided to search youtube for the third time to see whether the full season 1 had been uploaded. And to my great relief it now has, by vaughnography.

Get some popcorn, send the kids to bed and enjoy the ride…with seat belts of course πŸ™‚

Episode 1 – PART 1

Episode 1 – PART 2

Episode 1 – PART 3

Episode 2 – PART 1

Episode 2 – PART 2

Episode 2 – PART 3

Episode 3 – PART 1

Episode 3 – PART 2

Episode 3 – PART 3

Episode 4 – PART 1

Episode 4 – PART 2

Episode 4 – PART 3

Episode 5 – PART 1

Episode 5 – PART 2

Episode 5 – PART 3

Episode 6 – PART 1

Episode 6 – PART 2

Episode 6 – PART 3 [final part]

my fav character is DI Fowler… whats yours? πŸ™‚ leave a comment

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