War On Gaza

I, as am sure most of you also, have been watching with utter disgust at how the Israeli military is literally bullying the Palestinians in Gaza
The you-launch-one-rocket-we-bomb-your-asses approach seems to be working to deadly effect. Even Palestinians seeking refuge in UN protected schools haven’t been spared the bombs.

Israel keeps on repeating the same line of Hamas using its citizens as human shield in this war but come on people who believes that crap?
If thats really the case ( and am not assuming to be a military intelligence and tactics expert here but its just common sense) then why not use gound troops and tanks instead of using laser-guided bombs to kill innocent civilians. This kind of reminds me of ‘Brave Heart the movie’; Remember the scene when King Edward I, Longshanks, gave an order for his archery squad to fire into the battle field of Scots and his own men?…Quoting one of his generals, ‘ But sir you will kill our men ‘ ( not verbatim ) and answer was ,’ But you will kill some of theirs as well’…

I have not been known to take sides when it comes to matters of war and conflict, but when the war is so disproportionate then i have the divine right to be biased...

Some 4000 Palestinians are wounded and about 900 dead as compared to 3 or 30 Israelis ( Figures not completely accurate, quoting from memory; subject to errors; but am not too way off).

JUST END THIS FUCKING WAR… and go back to protest marches.

Side note: The collateral damage of this war is spilling into other countries Egypt being one of them. Towns along the border with Gaza have been feeling the full effect of the shock and the noise of the bombs in nearby Gaza; there is a reported increase in kids wetting their beds and themselves l. (Aljazeera)

Cant we all just get along?

What ever side you the reader is on i hope its on the side of peace.

Here are some sights and sounds of the war.

Source for Pictures

Source for Vids

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